Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Book (Series) Concept In Is The Offing.

Since last summer I've been kicking around a book concept that now seems to be even more timely and could lend itself to a series. Touches on man's lust for power, information, 'property', woman and other men! Fiction? Who knew? Who could intervene? You'll have to wait and see.. We even have a very interesting pen name in the works. Different? Yes. Uncubed for sure...

Our NewsPixels(TM) Platform Continues To Evolve

Our 'NewsPixelsTM' platform continues to evolve. It's really designed to be enjoyed/consumed on a big Smart TV. many interactive pages within much of the content contributed by the 'crowd' of Door County lovers across America. Door County is a top vacation coastal community on the Great lakes. Please check it out. Trademarked, IP & Copyrights 2010 - 2017 A get place to socialize! A collection of focused cross platform social streams that present as you flip, live links, stories, pictures, videos. User/lover generated content. With the aim to be super enjoyable on your big smart TV.
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Wisconsin ranks last again for start-ups - as a WI native & entrep.this is painful to read... N.E. WI needs an Accelerator

"For the second year in a row, Wisconsin has earned a bottom-of-the-barrel ranking for start-up business activity"...

The be sure entrepreneur activity is not zero but compared to other states/regions it's nothing to brag about. As an independent (and indy thinker) I sense that the cacophony of news, policy decisions, statements, the posture of those decision makers at the state level, the changes (damage) done to the University rep. and budget reverberates in a non positive way with many millennials. This only exacerbates the impression that I've read and felt for years that many hold that the Mid-West is a 'fly-over' between coast for many investors and others. Despite all that we continue with our innovations and entrepreneur activity here in WI. because we are passionate about our home state and hopeful about its future regardless of the (regressive) holding pattern or state seems to be on for many. Maybe I should push forward our accelerator for our region. Every bit helps right. Accelerator in N.E. WI See our pdf outline. Thanks 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Musk has lit a fire under VW..

Maybe VW can redeem themselves after the unethical BS with this huge see change in direction to EVs'. See article 
Notes from artivcle
"In case you haven't noticed, these are all things that Tesla plans to do. Just to give the scale of the might that Volkswagen has, Tesla's gigafactory is completely dwarfed by the $11 billion battery factory that Volkswagen is planning in Salzburg.
...looking at the goals that Volkswagen has set for itself, Volkswagen has definitely set out to be the leader in EVs. Volkswagen is looking at 2-3 million cars a year, with 30 models launched by 2025, while phasing out 40 models of conventional cars."
Maybe they can even get a head start by getting their hands on Tesla's 'open' innovation patents.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Railroad / Train Canary - Early warning drones running ahead of all trains to prevent accidents.

Railroad Canary - Early warning drones running ahead of all trains to prevent accidents.  Train Canary.

It's hard to stop a train! Monday mornings Amtrak derailment left me baffled. The engineer spotted a issue with the track but was unable to 'stop' in time. No shit. By the time a human sees an issue on a track ahead common sense (not to mention physics) tells you it's too LATE! By the time drivers see an issue on a highway they can't even stop a car.
The answer -
Railroad Canary's. All trains as standard operating procedure have federally required drones flying (self-piloting) in advance of it's assigned train.

Early warning logic. On-coming trains, bridge out, track cracks, bends, missing - intentionally messed with etc... This could be done in probably a year.
Why? Why not!
A train is already on the ground and you still have to worry about it falling over or running into another large object, like another train? Falling off a broken bridge. The Louisiana midnight swamp crash is still in the back of my mind and if I remember right a couple of tug boat guys had too much to drink took out a bridge and the poor souls on a train driving blindly into the night were screwed. Big oils - oil train derail and pollute a community because of a track issue. Really. Chemical trains fall over and burn - evacuate the region. Ok. Prevent it.
This idea just flashed into my mind Tuesday morning at 8:04 Cent. at the end of the story for the Kansas Amtrak derailment. I plan on one day taking my family cross country on a train and I want this as standard practiceJust like you aren't suppose to travel faster then your headlights can allow you to stop safety the train speed can't be faster then a drone warning timing would allow the train to stop (by intention).

Maybe all miles of a railway and pre-flown to know how every inch should be and the scans better match or instant shut done. Maybe stereoscopic technology. I know the technology for this is one the shelf. Our satellites could read license plates on the ground in the 70's we are perfectly capable of this in 2016.

Perry Andropolis
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Take Tesla Private And Other Thoughts (Take Solar City private too.)

Seems like an attempt of the 'strategy' that halted the smart environmental movement back in the 70's has got their greedy little fingers synchronized in a effort to slow this (today's) movement to a smarter world.
As a Tesla investor and concerned citizen of our path, I suggest that Tesla is taken private. Until steady earnings and all the other bullshit that perplexes Wall Street is behind them.

Another thought. I wonder how a really low priced long term (and I mean long term) lease would work. Maybe one to go after those just buying there first new car, timed with college, tech school graduation. Make it so reasonable upfront that it would be hard to resist. Scale the payments increasing so that as they the customer earn more they pay more. Maybe a a 6, 7, 8 year or more lease. Starting like $149 $199 a month. Use the logic of the fin. company Cabbage to determine (outside of normal scores) who would be good for it. Hopefully the free Super Charger thing stays as part of the plan if so and once the youth really find out about this in mass it's game over. If you don't buy a Tesla you surely can still use the Super Chargers except you have to pay! Less then gas but you still have to pay!

From all I hear it's (a Tesla) designed to last endlessly updated-able. Maybe work towards a unique in house trade in program start in our starter car eventually hand it off to another starting out and you move into a upgrade!

Another, pair it up (the lease) with a Solar install. And throw in a Power Wall to boot.

Last one for today _ early on Tesla I thought was really on track with this idea letting their platform be the platform for other car companies to use under their carriage. Like Mercedes was testing. I think that was really good and I hope to see that revisited to accelerate this whole thing. Back in the day (way back) they had companies building the carriages and other companies - the 'branded' bodies. You hold the future in your hands, distribute in faster.

We published a couple digital magazines and this one featured Musk's 'secret weapon' J.B. Straubel. We both have a Door County connection. Article starts on page 44 Link.

Have a Uncubed day.
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R.I.P. Arthur Fischer The Man With The Most Patents In The World.

Artur Fischer, Inventor With More Patents Than Edison, Dies at 96 When I first read of this gentleman years ago I was quite intrigued. "Mr. Fischer, a locksmith by training and an obsessive tinkerer, came up with his first patented invention in 1947, when he wanted to take pictures of his newborn daughter." “At the time, you could only use a powder flash for interior shots, which you had to ignite with a cord,” he told the magazine Der Spiegel in 2015. “It was dangerous, and the picture quality was poor because the subject usually blinked at the flash.” Necessity the mother of invention. Seems about the right way to describe his first invention. Then the floods gates of invention opened. R.I.P. He truly was a Uncubed Thinker!